Sunday, September 20, 2009

Woodwose Goes To The Fair.

The first craft show for Woodwose Carving was at LJ School on Saturday 19th September. It was the Autumn Show for the school and peoople were invited to set up craft stalls in support of the school.

The plot I selected on the day. Arrived early and was pleased as I got a shady spot on quite a warm sunny day.

Set up with all the items on display. I was quite pleased as I had 25 items on sale along with a range of wire lizards and spider keyrings. I had a number of leaflets printed, which i am pleased to say all were taken by future punters.

There was alot of interest in the work and I was pleased to sell a number of carvings in addition to many of the wire keyrings.

These are the items sold on the day:-

1: Welsh Ash

2: Woodwose Through Leaves

3: Gilgamseh

4:Woodwose and Jewels

5: Tokens of Protection

The turn out for the day was very good, more to do with the weather than anything; however these fairs do pull in alot of people to support the school from the community in Longlevens.

I would like to thank everyone that bought any item from my stall on Saturday, in particular those who showed such enthuisiasm over my work and especialy those who bought a carving.

I Had a lovely meal out today with Michelle and the boys with some of the proceeds.

Regards Dave.


Elizabeth M Rimmer said...

Congratulations, Dave - I hope it's the first of many successful fairs

ArtPropelled said...

Well done Dave! It sounds like a successful day.

Dave Jones said...

Thanks to you both. its a bit wierd putting yourself on show like that but it was a very successful day and I have used the proceeds to buy more tools, yeah!

Regards Dave

MackTheKnife said...

Nice to meet ya, Dave. My first time on your blog, and already I have learned something. I had no idea that the British word for wood spirits was "woodwose". I like the word! As we are two peoples separated by a common language I have to ask, is the word pronounced the way it looks?

Looking forward to many more visits here!