Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tokens of Protection

Protection Tokens /
Burnt Wooden Plaques

Designed as small plaques/tablets to hang in the house and displaying designs around positive runic symbols.

The picture to the left shows close up the rune for R, 'Algiz' in a group of four.

'A very powerful protection rune, a warning for intruders. The so called
"horror helmet" is a combination of four R:s in a cross arrangement with the spikes outwards. This rune is also connected to spiritual animals, and protects its bearer against evil forces'.

The idea of the plaques harks back to the days when people carved symbols into the frames of doors to offer protection to the house and those within.

This piece is a double tablet from two pieces of wood actually dug up out of the garden and dried out. It has a wonderful dark stained color to it and I feel quite striking in shape following the removal of the rotting edges. I have no idea how long they lay in the soil awaiting their chance to be found and used.

The head is a sphaeroblast with a burned on face.

At the bottom of the plaque there is a backward 3 or what looks like a 'W' or 'M' on the side. this is 'Sowilo' or an 'S'. some runic alphabets show this as a lightning flash 'S'. It stands for the sun, warmth, summer, hart and also victory. A very positive powerful rune and one that has a very sordid recent history, the lightning flash 'S' was stolen by the Nazi's personal armed service the 'SS' for the reasons that it symbolised victory.

The top plaque therefore stands for protection, warmth and summer.

The next photo shows the reverse of the top plaque depicting runes.

The 'P' shaped rune is the rune for 'w' and is called 'Wunjo' it symbolises joy and happiness, life force and sensuality. May indicate an upcoming positive and creative period. The bottom rune is 'Othilaz' the rune for the letter 'O'. This rune is a symbol for the land we have inherited from our ancestors, the homestead and the clan. Can also symbolise wealth and a connection to our forefathers as well as cultivation, not only of the soil but also of the soul, art and handicraft and its basic meaning is for land or property.

The runes combined in this way bring joy, warmth and protection into the house and family.

The bottom plaque has a picture of a dragon again very powerful symbolism for protection. just above the dragon is the 'Algiz' rune for protection

The back of the bottom plaque repeats the combination of Joy, Protection, Warmth for the property and the clan (Family). The patina on the reverse is striking and makes the piece look ancient.

The middle photo details the linking of the plaques.

The designs around the runes takes its inspiration from Indian art work engraved into brass and wooden items. Overall it is about 10" long & 2" wide, finished and oiled to get an antique look.

Piece Two
A piece dug out of the allotment, again it was sat in the soil and survived burning, rotorvating and digging.I removed the rotten bits which left this lovely shape I burned in the design of the dragon and the Algiz rune for protection. This piece is 2" long and about 7mm thick. I added a miniature brass pin for the eye and a leather thong tied off with green wire.

A departure from the norm but a great little project that I will be repeating if I come across more suitable pieces in the ground.
Your comments are as usual welcome and appreciated
~ Dave ~
Both Sold 18/09/09


ArtPropelled said...

The first piece is most unusual. I really like it. You would probably enjoy the work of Julia Surba. When I first saw some of her work I thought they were ancient relics.

Dave Jones said...

Thanks Robyn, I have just spent over an hour soaking up the images from Julia Surba's web site. thanks for the steer. that is one site I shall revisit alot. Dave

Jane said...

I really like these new pieces Dave ...maybe they would make nice jewellery too ??

I also loved the Julia Surba images too !!

Blu said...

brilliant, really nice work.