Tuesday, July 09, 2013

To blog or not to blog

Since starting out its always been a battle with me over spending time to write and promote my work or to just create. At times the desire to make has overridden the need to promote.

I have been making and most of the work I've been posting on Facebook and twitter with Instagram as well.

With all those avenues the blog has suffered somewhat. I'm fond of my blog as its where I started telling the world about Woodwose Carving, but that said I don't have the time to keep it going along with all the others.

If your a subscriber to this blog I hope you'll also go and find me through the other routes

Facebook - 'Woodwose Carving And Crafts' page
Twitter - @woodwosecarving
Instagram Woodwose

And of course the website where you can buy one of the carvings


Watch out for the re-emergence of the Folksy account for more of the craft work I do, wands, pencils etc.


Here is a flavour of some of the work I've been doing since April when I last posted on the blog. I hope you enjoy what Ive been doing.

I've carved miniature skulls

Drift wood spoons

Traditional carvings - I still enjoy these the most


Large drift wood Woodwose. The one above is carved into a piece of drift wood thats over 3 ft in length

Hand carved wooden bowls

A carved wooden soil dibber

And another penknife conversion.

So as you can see I've been busy, these are not all the carvings I've done either. You can see the full range of my work through the social media accounts I've listed above.

So what now.

Well the blog will stay, albeit allot quieter than usual but every so often I will return to post about this and that.

Thank you for following me on my blog over the years.

~ Dave ~


ChuckT said...

Sorry to see you abandon the blog but totally understand. I hardly ever update mine. Have liked you on FB so I can continue to follow your work. Cheers from across the pond.

mansuetude said...

wonderful group of work here!