Saturday, August 08, 2009

Woodwose and Jewells

This piece is no taller than 7" and is still 75% of the original tree...... a bonsai Woodwose!

It is a 12 year old sycamore tree!

It started life in Cardiff South Wales on a road called Talbot Street in a town house that has some magical memories.

It lived in a pot for 12 years until 2009 when it sadly died

The top / hair is actually the root ball with wire and glass beads

The base is Mahogany and the finish is Jacobean Wax.

I love this piece, we have over a decade of history together.
Hopefully many more years to go.
I am thinking of an appropriate name.....!
comments most welcome.
P.S. no runes but they can be applied once I have a name.
Sold 18/09/09

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Chellebab said...

A very cool little piece. How about given it the Celtic name "Seicmar" which is Irish for sycamore?

ArtPropelled said...

A very cool piece indeed. How about The Wind Whisperer?

Jane said...

Wow I love this carving Dave, my all time favourite so far :o)

Dave Jones said...

Thanks Jane, surprisingly it was the quickest to do yet!!!!

Robyn love the suggestion of the name, thanks for the comment

Michelle, I am liking the celtic name for sycamore alot....

Thanks to you all for the comments.

Blu said...

Wow, this one is electric!

Dave Jones said...

Thanks Blu.