Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Celtic Dragon In Mahogany

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery...........
I saw this design on a blog I follow Flying Chips and was inspired to carve it.
I love the carving that Bob did but thought I would try a relief carving and make some minor changes to suit my taste. By doing the carving in relief it opened itself up to the use of runes in the shapes created in the centre by the design.
The wood was donated by my father in law from his seemingly never ending and very welcome stash of wooden offcuts.
Its in Mahogany with a dark Brown wax. and is 6" X 5" X 1.25"
Minor use of the pyrography machine, soft wire brush and the dark wax to age the piece has given this carving an aged warm look.

This carving is hung on the wall as a token of protection sporting a rune that protects its owner against evil forces including the very strong symbolism of the dragon. I love that the tail and breath are heart shaped representing my love for dragons, wood and all things Celtic.
As always your comments are more than welcome.
Regards Dave


MackTheKnife said...

Well done, Dave! I'm flattered, but I think you had the harder time of it since your dragon is done in high-relief. You realize, of course, that you're going to have to provide me with a translation of the runes. 8-) I REALLY like your piece!


The Great Ethan Allen said...

very nice! Hey! Do you think you carved it "better" than Bob? Lol, ( just mixing things up :)

Jo Archer said...

Beautiful. It's difficult enough drawing celtic knots, let alone carving them!

Dave Jones said...

Thanks Bob I will send through the rune translation later today. Yes the relief part did add some complications and challenges. I just love the design though.

Ethan: LOL. each is unique. Regards Dave

Dave Jones said...

Jo: Thankfully this one is uncomplicated. Thanks for the comment. Regards Dave

ChuckT said...

Nice Dave. Just spectacular work as always. Love this as a wall hanging. It is one I'd want on my walls that's for sure. Well done!

ChuckT said...

Oh - just wanted to add some details on what I like so much.
1. I think this adapted well to a relief (I like the original as well).
2. I LOVE the irregular shape of outside edge (as opposed to putting on a square or round background shape. Has a very Japanese aesthetic (balanced but not static and symetrical) and feel to it.
3. The finish just make it glow with depth and warmth.

Thought I'd try to give you a little more than my usual (awesome, fantastic, well done, yada yada). ;-)


ArtPropelled said...

Very nice! It would also look great in stone :-)

Dave Jones said...

Thanks chuck. Thanks for the detailed feedback. I like the irregular shape and just love mahogany as it evokes old furniture and wax smells...

Robyn: ive seen some stone carvings similar in castles around the UK and Ireland.

Jane said...

Ohhhh this is beautiful Dave, it'd be perfect for outside our new house !! How I wish I could carve wood lol.