Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wooden Toys Post 3 The Blue Pick up Van

The third and final post, well possibly there could be one more called the Swoopy Coupe.

This van is an adaptation on the panel van posted. I decided to adapt the design so that Alex could have a different style truck. The colour also needed to be vastly different.

The stickers were applied by Alex, he obviously didn't think the design and paint work were up to much. I would have liked to have put a star on it but could never find anything suitable.

The headlights were adapted too, but the rest is the same as the first one.

This guy was made after Alex was born and after I was no longer able to access a fully equipped workshop. It's probably, out of the three I made, the one that's more 'handmade' than the others.

Again finished in non toxic paint and hard wearing varnish.

It's the same size as the Red Sunshine Truck, but as a reminder it's xx inches long by xx inches wide and xx inches tall.

Well what do you think of my toy making past?

Comments as always are welcome

~ Dave ~

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