Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wooden Toys Post 1 The Mahogany Landrover Series 3

Some of you will know that I was a cabinet maker in a former life; before I took on working in the voluntary sector.

When working as a cabinet maker I had my first son James. James will be 13 this year. So it was about 13 years ago that this classic wooden toy was made. I admit it was a little premature as a newborn wasn't going to play with this for at least 2 to 3 years, however when he was old enough it was well used.

I bought some plans and after hours stayed on and made this, as what we called a cobble, except the usual cobble was a private cash in hand job. This was for my boy.

The side lights are brass upholstery studs and the grille is a thin piece of plywood.

It's made from mahogany and American Red Cherry. The Cherry is the chassis with the Mahogany body work. All pieces would have been off cuts from the day to day cabinet making I was doing which is why there are colour differences though I did try to match as much as possible.

The wheels are purchased from a hobby shop, back in the day when you ordered from a catalogue over the phone.

As you will see from the pictures this toy has been played with quite a lot. Originally the top would come off but the boys (Alex my second played with this also) were quite rough with it, sitting on it and riding around, and I had to glue the top on for strength.

The number plate is My eldest sons birthday and his initials
J5799IJ James 5th of the 7th Ninety Nine Ieaun Jones

The spare wheel comes off the bonnet and is located with a beech dowel.

Finished in Yacht varnish which is chipped and what we called in the trade distressed. I just love the look of it every chip and dent has its own story.

There isn't a lot more to say about it really. I was in the attic and saw it sat there and thought it would make a good post. The guys stopped playing with it years ago and it was stored away.

So how big is it? Well its 15 inches long, 7 inches wide and 8 inches tall including wheels. It's clear this was made using inches and not CM, something we did as cabinet makers, sod metric!

With the roof glued on the boys could sit on it and get pushed around. In fact I reckon I could sit on it now and it would hold my weight.

Your comments are as always welcome. However this piece is a family heirloom and will never ever be sold. Grandchildren and great grandchildren will have this to play with.

This toy inspired me to make more for the boys in later years and the next post will feature some wooden trucks made for my boys.


~ Dave ~


Linda said...

Dave, the Landrover is priceless! I also loved reading about all your carving tools. Who knew there were so many options?

Dave Jones said...

Thanks Linda :)