Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wooden Toys Post 2 The Red Sunshine Van

This truck is made from 9mm birch ply and is specifically made as a ride on toy.

It's xx long by xx wide and xx tall.

Painted with non toxic paints and heavy duty varnish. Learnt my lesson form the Landrover and the lack of durability of Yacht Varnish.

Again I bought the plans and during lunch breaks and after hours I made this guy.

I left my job where this was made in mid 2000 so this guy is at least 12 years old.

The style is of an old fashioned delivery van seen in the 30's and 40's and the most iconic one I can remember is Mr Jones the Butcher from Dads Army.

I decided not to sign write the panel sides at the time with the view to do it later! We could never decide what to write on the side.

The back opens up to allow toys to be stored and transported. The items that have been in this truck is nobodies business, well apart from my boys.

The back door hinges on a plastic piano hinge and a classic cabinet ball catch and an antique toilet mirror drawer handle allows the door to be opened.

The construction of this truck is so solid that even I have been known to sit on it and ride around with the boys. I do believe that if the house collapsed then this truck would come out intact.

As you can see the top is almost full length and both me and one of the boys could sit on it together.

Again this was quite premature as James was only one or under when I made it. I made a second identical van for my nephew Elis a few years later.

Again this one and the next one I'm posting about were stored in the attic with the Landrover and will become toys for the grandchildren etc.

Almost in pristine condition apart from a few nicks in the paint, which is due to the boys being more careful and the paint work being more robust.

The sunshine was a sticker from our favourite wine at the time but also it represented what the wife called my son "her little ray of sunshine". Ever since images of the sun for us represent our eldest and Alex our youngest was our little star.

The next post is of the third truck which was made for Alex a few years later.

Comments are welcome as usual

~ Dave ~

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