Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Druids Apprentice

Some of you will remember The Sphaeroblast Druid posted on the 18Th October 2010

This carving is the second piece;

The Druids Apprentice

The theme of Futhark runes that is applied to the Druid is carried through on the cloak. done by burning into the wood via my pyrography pen depicting the full 24 characters in the Futhark alphabet

It hangs on the wall and is about 6" long and 2 3/4" wide. The head is 1 1/4" long by 1" wide

The head is a sphaeroblast and the main piece depicting his cloak is a piece of drift wood found on the Pembrokeshire coast

Finished in Danish oil

Druid and apprentice together in my workstation

I'm not planning on putting either on Folksy but may choose to do so later this year. I just cant decide if they are marketable

your comments as always are welcome


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Phil and Lynne Cowley Jones said...

In early February a wee box arrived with a Woodwose label on it ... My friend had told me a birthday present was on its way .... So when I saw the sticker my excitement started to rise.
I have been following Woodwose after finding Dave's work on Facebook.
BUT I did not expect to find this fabulous piece inside the box !!!
I would like to thank you Dave for bring to life such amazing beauty and Tony for being so generous...
I seldom say this about things I have but this is one of the few I call ....
Grave goods....
Ones that I would take to the otherworld with me .....

Blessings on both your lives
Phil Cowley Jones