Monday, October 18, 2010

Sphaeroblast Druid

Those who have followed this blog since the start will hopefully remember Sphaeroblasts?

Well recently I went on a sphaeroblast safari with friends; have a look at another product of the safari here on Dan Young's most excellent Blog Dan Young Daily

Well it was a productive safari and here is the first carving.

The beard is the growth that was springing forth, the blemish in the face was just there, I refuse these days to carve them out or move the carving, the blemishes are part of the wood and add to the life of the carving. There was a day as a cabinet maker when selection of timber was about the perfect unblemished piece!

The Futhark runes were applied using a Peter Child machine and a very thin wire. I wanted them to look like tattoos on his head very pagan like. The blemish on the face adds to the look quite nicely.

For a Woodwose he is decidedly un-hairy !! however shaman, druids and other 'Magik' men were noticeably different.

This piece has a wire spike that screws to the wall and holds the piece about 4" from the wall at any desired height.

This fella is a 'Keeper'; for a while anyway :-)

Comments as always....... :-)


ArtPropelled said...

Extraordinary piece! I like how you've incorporated the "roots" into the beard and glad you left the blemish. Love the tattoos!

Dave Jones said...

Thanks Robyn, I value your opinion and thoughts. Regards Dave

Simone said...

Wonderful detailed carving. I need to explore your blog further after just 'discovering' you! I have just emailed you regarding one of your pieces on Folksy.