Saturday, February 26, 2011

What do you do with an off cut?

When making walking sticks you sometimes end up with a piece that's cut off and it's just too big to throw away. well what do you do with it?

Well this is what I did with mine......
Its not very useful, but its quite ornamental and the wife suggested its the right size for a cosh!!
A rather ornamental cosh!

The piece is 26cm long and 3.5cm diameter. The face is 12cm from leaf tip to leaf tip and 8cm wide.
The pyrography pattern is taken from a tribal staff picture I have in my images file. I don't remember where I got the picture, Possibly from an Art Propelled post, and I don't recall where in the world the imagery comes from; I just love the pattern and its now been passed on to you.

The pyrography took longer than the carving..... about 6 to 7 hours!!

The pattern comes from both ends and meets in the middle.

I am exploring the Green Man a little so thought I would carve another one on this. If it all went horribly wrong I could throw it away!!

I think he turned out rather well. I just love the contrast between the carved face and the black of the burnt wood.

I photographed him next to my Ipod just to add some scale

I think this will be a hanging piece (yet to be added, or even figured out how) and will be hung in the kitchen. He can watch over this years allotment harvest as it arrives home.

Your comments as always are welcome

regards Dave


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Valerianna: Thank you

Blu said...

He is wonderful, I thought he was a cigar at first LOL...Could you make page markers with these oddments of wood? or Spurtles?..I think that is the right word for porridge stirring?