Monday, January 03, 2011

Useful Carving Doodle

I started carving a stick out of a piece of Hazel harvested last year. Before long it started to develop into a carving doodle..... a useful one as it was going to become a walking stick. The first photo shows my modest work station in the utility room, and a great piece of art done by one of my boys.

This is the top carving, which would normally be the only one on a walking stick

The stone effect added after being inspired from reading a Shawn Cipa book I received at Christmas

The carvings progressed on as I started to think of this as a chance to doodle over the seasonal break without having to plan anything

The stone work links the carvings. though each carving was done and then the stone work added

I decided to try some new approaches

Mixed with the traditional, which I love doing

Beards that become hair

Beardless but more mouth detail

Different noses

Simple faces without emotion

Linking down to my favourite that will make solo appearances soon

And a great transition between the Woodwose and the Green Man which is poignant when considering the link between the Green Man and the Wood-spirit, Woodwose

This is what doodling can achieve without planning :-)

Again, as with other aspects, this Green Man is inspired by Shawn Cipa

The bottom of the stick is quite thick and as such I didn't have a ferrule that would fit. Another great thing about doing a doodle is that its not supposed to follow convention or any pattern. I decided to use a Worktop connector as a foot of the stick to protect the bottom from getting damaged. It also remains true to re-use and adapting, recycling, and is quite effective.

The screw is threaded into the stick by at least 2.5 inches and will protect the foot of the stick from wear

The pictures are a little yellow as they were taken under artificial light and quickly so I could post. I will be adding some pyrography in the way of Futhark Runes below the carvings

Soon to be on sale in the Woodwose Folksy Shop so watch out for it

Your comments on the carvings (not the photography) as always is asked for and gratefully received

~ Regards Dave ~
~ Jan 2011 ~


diy said...

I like the idea of doddling in wood, might give it a try.
Whatever nice bit of carving.

Glo said...

What a wonderful piece. My doodles never turn out like that! I am becoming addicted to your work. Makes me relax just looking at it....

Dave Jones said...

Thanks for the lovely comments

Glo: Do you have a blog that promotes your work? if you do send me the link.

Regards Dave

Anonymous said...

No I'm afraid i don't have a blog -in fact I barely know what one is and had to ask my kids at school. They looked at me in the way only teenagers can and slowly explained in a sort of 'poor old dear' tone. I was so interested in your 'stuff' that I gave it a go and so...Recently bought your Gentleman in Sycamore and have just bought your dog's friend for a dog loving friend of mine as a birthday present. Keep carving on as I have needs for tactile pieces to keep me sane in this crazy job of teaching.