Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dogs Friend, Found Wood Carving

This is a piece of wood found on a walk

Covered in mud and teeth marks in the bark, obviously a 'dogs friend'

I tripped on it and almost threw it into the bush. On second look I bagged it, making my new top dirty!! (looks from the wife)

When washed (in the kitchen sink, but don't tell the wife!) it came up quite wonderful making the effort worth while

To be fair I'm always dragging old bits of 'manky' wood home to carve. pieces that would normally be thrown away

In these he looks regal and pleased with himself

I haven't cut it down and the ends are shattered and jagged as found, created by weather and a dogs jaw

The hair and beard came out very well and add life to his face, the natural markings a gift from the wood itself

I removed all the bark to expose the wood, it mostly flaked off when washing it. It was then dried on a radiator before going under the knife

The wood has natural gash down the length which has exposed the heartwood which is very dark as it boarders on rotten, but has retained stability

By carving around this natural feature the Woodwose becomes part of the wood itself; bringing a simple branch, chewed and discarded in a muddy lane, to life

He is full of character, 52 centimetres long, 5 centimeters at the widest part, the face is 4 centimetres by 6 centimetres

Finished in Danish oil and tinted to age. What started out as a natural dog toy, lying in mud, becomes a Woodwose to display in the house for years to come
He is a wall hanging piece

Comments welcome

Regards Dave


Jo Archer said...

This is beautiful, more like a totem pole. You are so clever.

Dave Jones said...

Thanks Jo. I hadnt seen him as a totem but I see what you mean. Regards Dave