Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Brown Oak Woodwose

He needs a name that's fitting!

A small wall hanging piece that sits in a corner.

Place him high to look down on the room.

He's here to show him hanging on the wall.

The grain is just wonderful and dominates this guy

If you remember the Carving John Barleycorn, then this guy possibly will stir memories as he's carved from the off cut from John Barleycorn.

As with John Barleycorn the original life of the wood remains in the groove that runs down the back and the remains of a countersink hole on the front top.

This piece hangs on the wall from a single nail or screw.

Face detail

He is 6" tall 1 3/4" X 1 1/2"
Finished in oil and wax.

Indoor or outdoor as this hardwood will age beautifully in the elements (greying) and would take 20 years to rot.

I'm glad that this guy has appeared from the off cut that nearly got chucked on the BBQ!!!

Comments welcome as ever.

regards Dave

More posts on walking sticks coming soon.

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