Sunday, November 07, 2010

Woodwose 'Seanáthair' finds a home Nov 2010

The carving Seanáthair that has been for sale on Folksy has found a new home this month. He was carved from an ornamental plum tree that grew in Gloucestershire for most of my childhood. The wood itself is like iron, this fellow will become an heirloom. I am so pleased that he has such a distinguished place in his new home.

This is the original picture used on this very blog (click on his name above to go to the original post)

Its great for me to see where my Woodwose end up living, I Have a bit of a growing trend to post pictures of them in their new homes.

I think he looks absolutely stunning in this picture.

His owner said that she felt that he sits watching over and keeping her home protected. The pagans believed that the Woodwose bought luck and protection.

"When you take your Wood Spirit home, give it a place of honor. Include the Wood Spirit in the audience when you tell jokes (Wood Spirits have a delightful sense of humor). If you do these things, your Wood Spirit will bring his gentle wisdom, humor, and luck into your home".

I feel this fellow has a place of honor and will become a loved part of the family.

Regards Dave



Simone said...

Hello Dave, I am glad that I have done your woodwose man justice in where I have placed him. He already feels like part of the family! He is so tactile that I have turned into a bit of a tree hugger!

Dave Jones said...

Thanks Simone. He looks absolutely fantastic where he is, hopefully the talking piece in the room.

Asok Sadan said...

Dear Dave,,,, your works are really really wonderful. I am a film maker/sculptor from Birmingham..would like to meet you in person.

pls leave a few lines to my id. I will make a visit to your workshop at your convenience