Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sphaeroblast carvings, work in progress

These pictures are from work in progress and have been sitting on the shelf for months stuck, bogged down and not moving forward.....

The Sphaeroblasts are a beautiful dark colour and the wooden wedge is a piece of drift wood scrap sanded and polished. it nearly got thrown out, but I'm forever looking at a scrap of wood and trying to find the beauty in it. I love the curve in this piece and its quite embryonic.

The pictures below are of the second Sphaeroblast . Both are bald and beardless.
The eyes on both need finishing....... I think!
The carving below was carved to add to the piece above looking the other way.

Why? don't ask me I'm just the vehicle the wood uses to reveal its form... :-) Dark Sphaeroblasts are essentially on the cusp of rotting away, many crumble into dust as you start but these guys are just pre-rotten but have captured the colour.

Its a wall hanging piece and is only 5 1/2 " long and the heads are about 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" long, so quite small. Netsuke size carvings.

If you look at my Folksy shop there are a number of pendants made from recycled scraps / chips of wood picked up from a pile of chippings on the allotment. I love making what is essentially wood that is scrap into lovely striking items.

Comments and suggestions of what might make this carving special will be gratefully received and I might even use your suggestion to finish it off at last!

Regards Dave


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An interesting material.