Monday, November 22, 2010

Wisdom Listens

A very quick post with a pendant made from a wooden chip found and crafted into something quite pleasing.

With a leather thong and Futhark Runes that are partially sanded off to replicate wear that matches in with the old look and feel to the wood.

The runes spell out as you might have guessed 'Wisdom Listens'

This piece genuinely started out as a chip of wood that was on the floor of the allotment....

Thin and pleasantly shaped I picked it up and spent a while sanding and smoothing. The runes are burnt in with my Pyrography tool and partially sanded to try to reflect wear. Finished with Danish oil and Wax.

This piece has already been sold through the Folksy shop but there are others in the shop that are still available for unique Xmas gifts. At £3.99 with £1 postage they make a good stocking filler.

Comments are as always welcome.

Regards Dave

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ArtPropelled said...

I can almost feel this piece in my hand. It has that nestling in palm sort of shape.