Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Drift Wood Woodwose and Dragon Carving

This carving utilises a piece of drift wood which has some wonderful mottling and colour.
It is one half of a larger piece and I'm looking forward to carving the second piece.

The wood is somewhat spongy and has sand embedded which isn't good for the tools or the sanity. however the finished piece is quite beautiful and worth the effort in re-sharpening

The Chinese Dragon is something that started the piece after looking at the colouring in the wood. The eyes are glass beads.

There is a large glass bead sunk into the wood, underneath is the Elder Futhark Algiz rune. as you should know by now is the rune for protection, the pyrography blending with the blemishes in the wood.

Close up of the Woodwose which came out rather well.

This is a hanging piece which is about 9" long and no thicker than 1 1/4"
Finished in Danish oil and wax

This piece of wood would have been thrown away or burnt as in it's found state it looked quite boring and without character. I hope that you agree that it looks so much more than that?

Comments are welcome and sought.

This one will end up on Folksy.

regards Dave


ArtPropelled said...

Definitely so much more than that. I love the pock marks and little holes in the wood This piece could be imbued with magic.

Dave Jones said...

Thanks Robyn. it has a lovely feel to it and looks so much better in real life.