Sunday, October 03, 2010

Carving Doodle #2

So what have I been carving for the last couple of months? well there are a number of posts worth of work sat in the workshop (my fancy word for the Utility room).

This post is of a carving doodle that i have been working on, and in reality is still a work in progress (WIP).

There are allot of pictures as its quite a complex piece. The wood is just an off-cut from a hedge pruning from I believe the woodpile in Pembrokeshire. It was picked because it looked interesting when collecting firewood one evening back in the spring this year.

Its been a WIP for months but I felt it was time to share. Its been finished in Danish oil, each carving being oiled on completion.

Well here it is :-)

I wanted to keep the look of the original piece of wood

The principle being carve whatever takes your fancy. Its not art and is not planned, but that approach makes it quite unusual and aesthetic.

The following pictures show in more detail some of the carvings and how they interact with each other.

Chinese Dragon

A partial sun, reminiscent of the Japanese rising sun. The lizard climbing up the rays was the original carving with the Futhark rune representing the sun and the sun was added in later.

This is a stylised skull; the idea was taken from my sons cycle helmet design.

This Woodwose has a very wise 'Old Father' look to him

The Woodwose below the Dragon is in comparison more Warrior

The Face below has the distinction of being recognised by the camera as a face.. My Camera has face recognition with 'shut eye' recognition and this carving was picked up one as a face and two as having its eyes shut...... wow praise from technology; technology doesn't care for feelings or tell you something is good, if it isn't!!

Some of the pictures are there just to show the make up of the carving piece as a whole and how each carving as individual pieces interact with each other.

The Dragon hair, for example, blends into the hair of the Woodwose warrior which was accidental but fitting.

This is where the piece hangs in the utility room, above where my 'station' is and a constant inspiration to carve, carve, carve......

I love this carving as a piece in total. is it saleable? I'm not sure as its quite eclectic; as such it doesn't appear on Folksy. but then neither does the Carving Doodle #1

your comments as always are welcome and indeed sought.

regards Dave


Valerianna said...

Oh, I'd say its VERY saleable.. I LOVE it. I love all the different faces, the Fatherly Woodwose and the calm, trancy looking face. This one is stunning!

Blu said...

I love the lizard and the eye. Do you carve female faces too?

Elizabeth Rimmer said...

I don't know how you could bear to sell it! It has so much of your work and vision in it. But I'm sure many other people would love it too.

Dave Jones said...

Thanks guys.

Valerianna: the mix of carvings makes it very interesting.

Blu: I have tried female faces.... didn't go so well :-). I will keep trying though.

Elizabeth: The time spent on it would make this either so expensive or a give away. I think this is a keeper.

ArtPropelled said...

Stunning! My favourite piece. You must be so thrilled with it, Dave.

Dave Jones said...

Robyn: thank you, I am pleased but feel it needs more but haven't been inspired to carve more. Until I am it stays above my work bench. Thanks again. More to come in the next few days.

Makavetis said...

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