Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stone, Wire & Drift Wood.

End of Jan 2010 Still no carving being undertaken..........

Haven't phoned the bone mender either yet....... Blokes eh!

It is starting to feel better though.

Anyway I have been doing something.
So another post which is not quite carving but I hope you like it.

3 glass marbles stolen from the boys...... !

The wire is garden wire that's been hanging around for a while hence the Matt faded look which is why I used it.

The stones are white quartz that have been 'tumbled' to polish them up

The wood is a small piece of drift wood that was picked up on the beach in Pembrokeshire and dried out on a radiator

I love the contrast between the wire and wood; both are old and tarnished

The difference between the polish of the stones which ironically are older than everything but look new and shiny up against the wire and wood

There are a couple of glass marbles to add something spherical and less random in shape.

The orange stone is a purchased slice which adds some warmth to the mobile.

At the moment this hangs in the conservatory catching the light as it slowly spins and moves in the drafts and people walking by.

As always let me know what you think. One day soon this may appear in my Folksy shop.

regards Dave


Jo Archer said...

I think this is so beautiful. You should definitely get some up in your shop!

Jane said...

I'm loving these new things you're making, especially the mobile. Great stuff :o)

Blu said...

lovely and quirky!..

Mark said...

Thanks for visiting my blog - I've been a bit tardy with posting recently, but glad you liked the starlings.
Craft work loks great. I spend about half the year in Pembrokeshire where there is lots of opportunity for driftwood crafting and constructions- must start agin soon.

ArtPropelled said...

Dave this is lovely!
However I do think its time you visited the bone mender. It must be getting on your nerves not being able to carve.

Dave Jones said...

Thank you all for your comments.

Jo: I am sure it will get there once I pry it from my wife's clutches.

Jane: Thank you very much, it's coming from the inability to carve, but that seems to be getting better.

Blu: thanks

Mark: I am so envious, i would love to spend 6 months a year in Pembrokeshire, how do you do it?

Robyn: I am very frustrated, my weird logic says that the doc (who is just practising which worries me) will say rest it for months.... It does seem to be getting better on its own, just slowly. Have been carving this week, very small stuff.