Saturday, January 23, 2010

Drink Can Dragon

I am still unfortunately unable to carve! It looks like the doctor will be getting a call.

Not the usual work displayed but a bit of fun to keep you tuning into the blog. I might even display in the Folksy Shop for sale one day.

The hammer effect pictures added 24th Jan after the original post.

I have previously converted cans into ash trays and windmills, I love the graphics on cans when used in craft projects.

The dragon design I have been doodling for ages and appears on the carvings sometimes in pyrography. (Its a Henna Tattoo design I've adapted)

These guys are glued to stiff card and distressed. I have designed them to be hung from wire but you might have a better idea.

Anyway beats sitting doing nothing and I think they are quite unique.

I have a few beer can dragons under way and I'm working on a few more designs. If you have any ideas or inspiration let me know, if the elbow doesn't clear up I will be doing more of this stuff.

Back to the normal carving soon I hope.

Ziggi is still on three legs as well.

regards Dave


ArtPropelled said...

Your dragons are unique and wonderful! Tin work is big here and I have a little guitar made out of a Fanta Orange can but I've seen nothing like your dragons. Love them!

Elizabeth M Rimmer said...

Dave, they look great! Nice sharp outlines and angles, and a lot of character.
How about an Irn Bru one - or don't you get that down your way?

Dave Jones said...

Thanks Robyn.

Elizabeth: yes we do and yes it would be great with the lovely orange colour.