Thursday, January 07, 2010


I carved this while ignoring tendon pain.... Blokes eh?

well it was supposed to be a Trout.... but looks more like a Catfish or Koi Carp.

Its from a branch salvaged from my December walk. I am not sure what the wood is (the branch was lying on the floor and wood recognition apart from the more widely known species is not my strong point)

Its the start of a fish season while I work towards getting the carvings right for a possible piece I've been asked to think about.

I will add the date with the pyrography tool in the area where the bark is removed

Comments welcome as always especially from the fish lovers among you

Oh and the elbow hurt like hell after.......!

regards Dave


Blu said...

I like the idea of the fish standing on its nose, glad that you turned it around for us all to view. You silly billy...hope the arm feels better soon.

Debbie Spencer said...

I like it - I keep forgetting to talk to you about it - remind me!