Sunday, January 03, 2010

Welcome to 2010

I have been quite busy over the past two weeks enjoying myself along with my wife and two boys, hence the lack of postings.

However I have also been afflicted with tennis elbow which makes carving very difficult and painful, I thought I would therefore spend the time looking for wood for walking sticks and general pieces.

I follow a great Blog called 'Art Propelled' and Robyn sometimes does these great posts about walks she does in South Africa (click here for the latest example); so I thought I could emulate Robyn and start the year off with an insight into where I spend my time walking and scavenging wood while I try to rest my arm.

The following photographs are from a solo walk undertaken on the 21st December on a wood scavenging expedition. Its a place in the Cotswold's near to Coopers Hill and the cheese rolling site.

Its a particularly beautiful part of the world where you can find solitude and space to not have to think too hard.

My Dog Ziggy, a 7 year old Black Labrador is my companion on such expeditions and when I go without the kids I can spot Deer in the woods and tracks from other animals like badgers and foxes, no Zebras I'm afraid (see the link above to Robyn's post)

Through the trees you can just spot the car. I was the only walker there that day, bliss.

Ziggi off ahead to explore

Numerous paths

There are old dry stone walls that you come across that are from another time but still mark boundaries.

Its a traditionally managed beech wood so there are swathes cut through in places along with numerous paths. some of the woods are National Trust protected.

You catch glimpses of civilisation through the trees

Fox tracks

Ziggi resting after roaming in the woods

Our view at the time of said rest

Old Cotswold stone cow sheds can be found and they are quite beautiful

Cow shed through the trees

Homeward bound.

I hope you enjoyed this stroll through the Cotswold's?

Unfortunately during another walk across Haresfield Beacon the dog a week later managed to snap her cruciate ligament on her back leg and is due to be operated on tomorrow (4th Jan)

I will do a few posts on the tools I use to carve and images I use as inspiration while I rest my elbow

I hope you have a happy and prosperous New Year regards Dave .



MackTheKnife said...

You have great places to walk, Dave. Sorry to hear about Ziggy's leg.

Check my latest blog. I had the same problem you have. I went without carving for almost three months, then I found these exercises. They had me pain free in about a week. I still do them on a semi-regular basis to keep the same thing from happening again.


Jo Archer said...

Happy New Year Dave. Beautiful photos. I'm ashamed to say I've never been to the Cotswolds and I'm only in Northamptonshire!

Hope you and Ziggy will soon be on the mend.

ArtPropelled said...

I have been to the Cotswolds but only for a few days. Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing your walk .... bliss indeed.... and thanks so much for the mention. Hope your tennis elbow clears up soon. I suffer from thoracic outlet syndrome when I overdo the carving. Neck exercises have been invaluable. Thinking of poor dog tomorrow.

Blu said...

sorry to read about your painful elbow, and also your dog Ziggy!..get well soon both...

Happy New year, and thanks for the walk in the snow!