Friday, August 28, 2009


This post is about a piece which was a bit of a whim.

We have an allotment and during our time digging, rotorvating and planting etc certain things are 'UNEARTHED' here is a small piece made entirely from unearthed bits and bobs.
(I cheated and used brass pins, a short length of purple wire, glue and varnish which weren't unearthed and you will see them as you look through the posting)

The wire is galvanised garden wire that was cleaned and brushed with a brass wire brush to give it a slight gold look.

The link between the wood and the wire is a scrap of leather used here and elsewhere.


The top of the main body is a twig attached by the leather and acting as a hanger.

The brass was dug up and about to be thrown away, however it looked interesting so ended up in my pocket. I have no idea what it is/was but it was flat when I found it. The main wooden piece is worn and stained from being underground and the grain is pronounced where the wood had started to rot away.

The brass piece holds a very rusty nail. as you can see it has thinned out from rusting away underground. cleaned slightly and held in place by bending the brass plate over it and pinning.

There is a platted leather thong made from cut strips of the original piece of leather holding a piece of wood which when the rot was cleaned off ended up in a most unusual shape.

The finished piece

Like I commented at the beginning this was a whim, no great piece of art but I like it as it uses bits that in their unearthed state are just discarded as rubbish. Maybe its still just rubbish? you decide.

~ Dave ~


Blu said...

Hey I cant manke my mind up about your whim, but I really like the previous works. Like warriors with skins draped around them.

ArtPropelled said...

I visited yesterday but no time to stop and comment. (I have dial up so everything is sooo slow and I didn't see all the photos) This piece grabbed my attention since I have a thing for aged wood and metal..... most unusual.