Saturday, March 07, 2009

A Personal Traveling Woodwose 2009

I have Finally completed a stick which was going to be for myself. I have had to video the finished article as photos just don't do it justice.

I decided to do some pyrography and thanks to Debbie Spencer for lending me her pyrography iron, Although I had to fix the tip screw before use, it was an excellent bargain, I got to borrow the iron without outlaying for one of my own, which would have taken ages to arrive through eBay etc!

This stick links back to the post on 3rd Feb 2009. Click here top see the original posting. The top piece on this stick is that original piece.

You can see some runic inscription at the top just below the join between the beech top and hazel stick. the dark line is suede glued in as a spacer.

Here is a photo of the Woodwose carving so you can get a closer look at him. I have quite taken to this fella.

here is the video, let me know what you think. Oh and I am not going to decipher the runes either.

I shall enjoy hiking with this as one of my companions very soon. I might even get a photo of myself out in the woods with the family and the dog posted.



Robyn said...

Not surprsing you are keeping this beauty for yourself. A pyrography iron is a good tool to have. Mine broke 2 years ago and nobody is importing them here anymore.
I love the runes!

Dave Jones said...

I am borrowing one at present. I will buy one through ebay very soon.

Thanks for the comments.