Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Beech Walking Stick Top Piece

This is a fantastic piece of beech which was collected from the floor of a Gloucestershire woodland.

I was going to carve a Woodwose into it and attach it to a walking stick; once cleaned up and sanded however, nature has provided a far more beautiful piece without my intervention.

The inside has rotted and left some wonderful shapes and a catacombe like look inside it. no carver could have produced this quite the same way.

Its unfinished and still drying, once dry it will be sanded for hours with sandpaper that is little rougher than a sheet of A4 photocopier paper. It will then be oiled.

I cant wait for this to be a finished piece. This is an extremely beautiful piece of wood.

I will post the finished article once made.


Blu said...

The last picture looks like a hand brilliant.

PS.I like the sprite post I see little creatures all the time in our forest.

Dave Jones said...

Yes it does now you mention it.

I just couldnt resist doing a post about these little creatures, i am glad its not just me that see's them.