Sunday, February 15, 2009

Joint Posting with Dan Young Daily.

Dan Young from the "Dan Young, Daily" fame and I got our heads together and have come up with a joint post.

I complete a carving and collect the bits that are removed in the carving process. Those bits are given to Dan so he can paint them. Well this joint posting is the result.

Click here to access Dans Blog to see the other side of the joint posts.

Additionally we decided to create videos of the work being created; quite a challenge. Both blogs will be listing the project jointly. Visit Dan's blog to see the painting.

I hope you enjoy both posts. Both Dan's painting and the carving are available for sale. Bid on both to get a totally unique gift set.

Click here to bid on the carving

Click here to bid on the painting

Please comment with your thoughts and feelings.

If you like what you see contact me through

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