Saturday, February 14, 2009

Grand Master Woodwose.

Meet the grand master.

Partial carving of a woodwose, 23cm tall by 9cm diameter in sycamore
A variation on the traditional carving.
Available to purchase through
The wood was donated from my father in law after pruning a Sycamore tree overhanging his garden in Shurdington Gloucestershire.
Linked to a comment from Dan here is a link to Michelangelo's Slaves.


Blu said...

a thoughtful face.

Dave Jones said...

Yes I thought so too. I think thats why I called him the Grand Master.

Dan Young said...

very nice, have you seen Michaelangelo's Slaves?

Dave Jones said...

No but will now go and look. Thanks

Robyn said...

A pensive Grand Master indeed. Your work is so beautiful.