Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Traveling Woodwose

Following the last post which didn't get much feedback, back to a traditional piece.
The first posting on my new Netbook.

This piece was carved for my Father in Law. The stick he harvested from the back lanes in Shurdington, Gloucestershire. I am not totally sure of the wood (its not Hazel). I liked the curve of the piece and the face came through quite easily.

I straightened the stick with my new hot air gun and new found stick making skills and did the carving but that's it. I handed it over to be cut to size, polished and a brass ferrule added; which is new to me, I wouldn't hand over a part finished carving to just anyone, usually I finish the pieces I do. I am however more than confident in the care and attention that will be applied in finishing the fellow off. I will post a photo of the stick possibly with the owner using it once I can get one from the mother in law!

He looks as though he is preparing for a serious hike and will easily guide the walker safe back home again.

I saw this quote on another posting of a fellow carver on a carving site and relate to it so much I had to reproduce it here. It confirms in my mind that the wood decides the end carving not the carver.......

"I know and can see clearly exactly what, I want to carve. But on the long journey from my head through my arms, So much is lost before it gets to my fingers and tools"

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Blu said...

i like the idea that the face will be felt under someones hand.