Saturday, April 06, 2013

Arthurian legends in beech

Many of us have a fascination with the legend of Arthur Pendragon, Merlin and Lancelot. It's a story thats been told many times and in many different ways over the centuries. My preferred take on the legend is that Arthur was a warlord during the period directly after the withdrawal of Roman soldiers from Britain.

This would have made him a Celt who spoke something akin to what we now know as Welsh, albeit with differences that centuries bring to language.

Merlin would have been a Druid and would have been the centre point of the Celtic religious structure.

Lancelot would have been a warrior of renown and a fearsome man. These were brutal times.

What they would not have been is plate armour wearing, clean shaven, sophisticated aristocrats living in stone castles and jousting for fun in tournaments. That came with the Normans centuries later. These characters would have been living a feudal tribal existence trying to fill the vacuum left by Rome and fending off a new invader the Saxons, but importantly for the religion of the Britons also fending off the encroaching Christianity bought over in the later stages of the Roman occupation.

This carving represents that picture of tribal, pagan times

Done in Found Beech and not finished with any oils or coatings. I'm experimenting with leaving the carving in a raw just finished state.

Enough words here is the carving

I hope you like this collection of carvings

As always your comments allow me to gauge if I'm getting this right


~ Dave ~

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