Sunday, March 24, 2013

Aquarium Root Carving

I have recently decommissioned my aquarium and it left me with lots of bits and pieces. I sold the tank and all the bits and bobs that you collect when you have a tank.

I was left with one piece of aquarium root that didn't sell - which I'm so pleased about now.

I decided to carve it.

This is one of the pictures taken to advertise on the online auction site.

Surprisingly as its a root from a tropical tree that spends most of its time in the water, and after I brought it it spent years in my tank, it was surprisingly hard but intriguingly easy to carve.

The shape of it made for a very interesting piece that looks good from all angles

The detail I've kept deliberately simple - no eye detail for example - not because the wood wouldn't allow such detail but because the wood itself is so complex to look at.

It's swirls and curves add a certain complexity that deserved a less complex carving.

The previous photo is of the back, which is naturally sculpted and looks as good as the front with the carving on it.

Deciding if to leave it unfinished or with a coat of oil was quite a challenge. In the end I decided that a coat of oil would bring out the colour that is seen in the wood when emerged in the fish tank. So the piece has a coat of vegetable oil and I feel looks the better for it.

The last photo giving you a sense of the scale and size of it. A piece that would last decades in the elements of the garden or a lifetime in the house.

This and other carvings will be for sale on the website

Your comments as always are most welcome.


~ Dave ~

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Valerianna said...

oh... my... that is a beauty - mysterious.