Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Woodwose Carving Website


For those who follow me just here and not on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or now Pinterest, you are the first to get the news upfront on the website.



The link through the logo on the right hand side will take you directly to the new website to view the items for sale.

Thanks go to Michelle (my wife, business manager and technical consultant) who has done all the hard work in getting the website up and running with shopping basket and all that selling online entails. Until you delve into this area its not clear how much there is to do.

I started carving for fun in 2008 and produced items like the one above without thinking about marketing or selling my carvings.

Four years later and things are very different. Over the years I've been asked how my carvings can be purchased and over the period I have had a Folksy shop and sold through local markets and craft fairs.

Now in 2013 Woodwose Carving has taken another turn and become an online shop.

Selling everything from carvings of Woodwose, Kuksa, walking sticks and more the website will also allow me to sell carving tools and other carving items.

We are considering selling other people's carvings as well, people like myself who may not have thought about how or where to sell and who may not have the where withal to set up a website. If you or anyone you know is interested get them to contact me.

Take a look at let me know what you think. I'm very pleased and see this as another chapter in Woodwose Carvings evolution.


~ Dave ~


Waldgeistman said...

Dave well done, I am sure that this new venture will take off. How can it fail with such wonderful artistic work.
Good Luck

junkpunk said...

Wow so much great stuff! Hope you sell a lot :)

Dave Jones said...

Thanks guys, already getting some enquiries so fingers crossed.