Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Crowd Of Sphearoblasts

This post will show the latest sphearoblast grouping. Some of these carvings were carved in 2012 and the rest in 2013. There are 22 separate sphearoblast carvings joined together to make a single piece.

Each carved face is different and takes about an hour to an hour and a half to complete. So this piece while small actually has taken over 24 hours to carve and finish.

The carving in its entirity is 10cm wide by 8cm tall. It curves to make it free standing.

Finished in vegetable oil - many more coats to apply to get the old look patena I'm looking for.

Shown along side of the other two sphearoblast groupings carved last year. All will be for sale on the web site very soon.

Your comments are as always welcome


~ Dave ~


Valerianna said...

Like a bunch of folks at a Medieval gathering. Cool!!

Waldgeistman said...

Dave, wonderful work, outstanding.