Monday, August 08, 2011

Work In Progress Aug 2011

What's been keeping me from blogging?

Well I have a full on Job, I'm a chair of Governors at my sons school, I have an allotment and I've a full on family :-)

I have also been carving walking sticks (which I will post soon) and I have been harvesting Sphearoblasts and carving small netsuke size faces.

here are some pictures that show some of the work done. they will form part of a larger piece similar to 'Face Tree'

These pictures show how small some of the carvings are.
size actually doesn't matter...... they still take quite some time.

Once these guys start to come together I will post a picture or two.

Comments welcome



Valerianna said...

Dave - I really like the small size, there is something very intriguing about them... holding a few in your hands, and the expressions are amazing. Very wonderful! I look forward to seeing more!

junkpunk said...

Yes, these are wonderful, they look amazing as they are. I love how you use the natural shapes in the wood to make mouths :) Would you consider selling one or two?, I'd love some to go with my Woodwose! They might sell well on Folksy too, people like to buy little things:)

Heather smith said...

Really great carving,you have got me looking out for spheroblasts too now!

junkpunk said...

yeah i've been out in the woods today, found some interesting twisty bits of root :)

Dave Jones said...

Thanks for your comments. Heather: I have posts on the blog that show you how to find Sphearoblasts. Once you've discovered them you won't stop looking. Junkpunk: the little carvings take about 3 hours or more so couldn't hope to get a good price for them on Folksy individually. What are you doing with your root ? Thank you all again for your comments

junkpunk said...

Hi Dave, I use roots to make wierd little creatures. I have a few older bits and bobs on my website:
(website half finished!). Your work is great and really inspiring :)

Dave Jones said...

They are great. Have tweeted a link to the site. I love the eyes how do you do them? (if it's a trade secret I understand) ;)

junkpunk said...

Thanks Dave :) I made them all a few years ago. They're really good for practicing sculpting faces. I used some old glass eyes I found, and different types of clay. My favourite bit is painting the clay to blend in with the wood. :)