Sunday, February 28, 2010


This is a wire and Sphaeroblast piece
(click on the link to go to a post that tells you what a sphaeroblast is, back in Jan 2009)

Due to the tendon problem I have gone netsuke size in the carving. The next issue was mounting and displaying the faces. It was a good opportunity to try carvings without beards and different face styles.

The wire is twisted and shaped very organically and fixed to a slice of a laburnum log. I left the chainsaw marks in the laburnum which adds texture to the base.

There isn't much to say about the faces that follow. I've taken some close ups to show more detail. I have deliberately not made them too life like using existing features in the Sphaeroblast to start the carving.

Glass beads for eyes have added something different and allow you to focus on the key feature like the mouth or nose.

The chap above has obviously stubbed his toe!

Some are just stylised faces

Tim Burton had some influence here.

All attempts to keep to recognised proportions were dropped. Carving caricature.

This next guy is so sad! he is trapped in a cage of wire. he was positioned facing forward and has twice now turned himself around to face the back!!! He obviously is not happy with his lot in this piece. I do have to say he's being silly, at least he hasn't had a hole drilled in his head.

Sticking to pairs and facial conventions have also been ignored with some.

This little old lady's hair emerged from under the bark as you see it here. The darker wood is where the Sphaeroblast is starting to rot and has changed from the lighter wood on top.

The idea with the wire started as just a way to hold the faces, it became something more as the numbers grew and is an integral part of the design with a prominence of its own in places

This started as a collection of small faces in a tub, and is now a...


Ive been asked to try pairs and threes so watch this space.

~Let me know what you think~

BTW: Referral for physical-therapy on the elbow and if that fails injections, if that fails an operation...........! I don't even play bloody tennis.

At least I'm back to carving as there is no difference between rest and no rest with the arm.

The dog is walking on the leg now more than not which is good news. She's still banned from climbing the stairs or jumping in the car... You try telling her that!


ArtPropelled said...

A face tree is such a fun idea. I love the chap who stubbed his toe.
Good luck with the physical therapy, Dave.

Dave Jones said...

Thanks Robyn. I love these guys and am in the process of doing more. I will display these next Saturday at my next exhibition. hopefully might sell something there.

Kimmie said...

love your face tree ... your wooden faces seem to me like something from Middle Earth .... hope your elbow gets better soon! injections and/or operations sound scary

Dave Jones said...

Thanks Kimmie.

I loved the paper beads and would love to know how you make them!! Loved the beeswax dipping idea. thanks for the comments. Regards Dave

Seth said...

This is so very cool. And each of these guys has their own distinct personality. Fantastic.

Dave Jones said...

Thanks Seth. Your right I look at it and see a new face each time.

Dave Jones said...
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