Friday, June 24, 2011

The Green Man

Its been two whole months since I posted. However I haven't been idle. I have been carving and enjoying it so much I haven't wanted to take time away from the knife to get onto the computer.

Well here is the first of a few posts that will follow in quick succession.

The Green Man

Carved from sycamore and coloured with green ink and oak stain Danish oil

I have added the 'sparrows pecking' around the edges, it lifts the carving and adds depth. It takes a while to do and drives the house mad with the hours of tapping.

The eyes I wanted to do something different and added teak pupils rather than adding the details with the knife.

The green man carvings are much more detailed and time consuming but with the addition of the colour it produces a great looking outcome. this too may be a keeper!!!

Your comments as always are sought and welcome.




junkpunk said...

Wow it's great. Every house needs a green man of some kind :)Love your shop, I keep checking back to see if you have any amazing new creations for sale !

Dave Jones said...

Thanks Junkpunk. I have a number of carvings sat on the shelf. Im just deciding if i can part with them yet !! :-)

ArtPropelled said...

I've also been away from blogging for far too long.Glad you've been too busy carving to blog. Your Green Man is wonderful! Keep him if you love him or you might be sorry later. If the price is right I can't help but let my favourites go ..... and now I regret it.

Dave Jones said...

Thanks Robyn. I tend to let them go too cheaply.:-(

I guess I need to get more confident in increasing the price and then waiting patiently to sell. I hope your well?

regards Dave