Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lord of the Leaves

Easter carving

I haven't done a free standing carving for some time. This is however one such carving.

The wood is a piece salvaged from a forest walk and I think its a piece of Beech.

The picture below shows it uncarved.

Standing 38cm tall and 7.5cm diameter at the face.

The next picture shows the carving in my hand. It gives it a scale that measurement does not.

I wanted to do a woodwose carving mixed with leaves and I'm pleased with overall look of the carving. The woodwose has a somewhat sleepy thoughtful look.

The leaves are coloured with green ink and then rubbed back to soften the colour. This gives a sense of more depth as well as making the leaves more lifelike.

The woodwose has a hood rather than showing hair, again something I don't carve often; this allowed me to add leaves at the top of the carving.

Again I don't add colour often, the green was added as an afterthought as the wood colour didn't reveal the shape of the leaves when oiled. the green was added and to be fair I'm pleased with the look.

Over the carving there are runes carved each from the Elder Futhark alphabet.

Finished with ink and Danish Oil so will stand happily both indoors or out. I will be burning a design into the top before too long as this area looks bare and inviting.

Overall this may be a 'Keeper'! watch the Folksy shop to see.


junkpunk said...

He's amazing! I love how it stands, it looks like the wood is coming alive :)

Dave Jones said...

Thanks Junkpunk :-)

ChuckT said...

LOVE him Dave! I really like the freestanding idea. This piece of wood has a ton of character and the colored leaves are a really nice addition. I must say - I always enjoy seeing your next creation. Always creative, and always very well executed. Keep up the great work.

Dave Jones said...

Thank you Chuck it's nice to get such praise from other carvers. I want to incorporate more pyrography and color into my future work so watch this blog :-)