Friday, April 15, 2011

The Third Woodwose

Those of you who remember the carving 'Dogs Friend' may see a resemblance in this carving. He is however the third carving from one branch harvested from Kinighton in Powys earlier this year.

There are some beautiful colours in the wood, this is from the wood starting to rot at the tip. the bark and sapwood have withdrawn following damage that would have been sustained on the tree.

The white wood is the sap wood and as it darkens the heartwood is revealed, the very dark wood is heartwood that has died and is beginning to rot.

The wood itself has some lovely shapes and colours and looks great hanging on the wall.
finished in Danish Oil.

The beard is deliberately carved into the dark wood (all but a patch) and runs down the carving blending into the open grain further down (see below)

The picture below shows a tape measure to gauge the with of the carving, the length is approximately 16"

The three together. one branch three carvings

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