Saturday, July 31, 2010


I have been very busy recently and haven't had time to post, I have however still been carving. i have a new carving doodle that's not finished but i may post soon.
I have also been carving a wading stick for a gift to give a friend. I will post that once its been handed over!! which may not be until September.

I have been featured on a blog that does a Folksy Friday post so go take a look as there are other cool items on there.

Well here are a couple of carvings (not mine) that I've seen that I really like and thought I would share with you to keep you interested until the next posting of my carvings.

I love this face of the girl. The eyes have been left with no detail but there is still loads of life in the face. I have tried to carve a female face but it came out quite scary. I've been collecting pics of carved female faces for research.

And this guy was carved from a large piece of wood and was still quite rough but he's got loads of character.

Regards Dave


ArtPropelled said...

Both pieces have their own special character. Looking forward to seeing what you are up to.

junkpunk said...

Wow, i love them both. It's like the wood is coming to life; very magical :) My guy is settling in nicely BTW. I still have to find a name for him though :)