Monday, June 07, 2010


This is a picture of Golgee in his new home in the USA

This looks like a wonderful place for a Woodwose to watch over the house and be admired.

Thanks to Noah for the pictures and update on how the Woodwose are settling in

There was a second Woodwose (Walter) who is yet to settle down into a permanent home. once he has Noah has said he will send another photo.

Regards Dave.


Valerianna said...

Looks great tucked in there amongst the books! .... and looks like another forest dweller is hanging out nearby for company....

Blu said...

I was waiting to see you tweet your blog update did i miss it? Nice to see your carving in it's new home. PS I love the previous carving, who although you call a gentleman (which implies European?,) makes me also think of a Native American!

ArtPropelled said...

I think he'll enjoy the books. Great to see him looking so at home.

Dave Jones said...

Thanks for your coments;

Blu: my wife thinks the new carving is more Indian than English. He's English Sycamore and quite regal or Gentlemanly.

Robyn: I just love the photo he looks as though he's sat there for years. I love the fact that my carvings are as far afield as USA and Dominican Republic!!

Noah Mullette-Gillman said...

Glad you all like Golgee's home! :)
He's actually been a great help with my writing and I named him after a character in a story that I'm writing!
The "other forest dweller" Valerianna noticed is a marionette I bought in Prague. I think he's meant to be a devil, but I don't see him that way. I imagine he's a pre-Christian forest spirit. :)