Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gentleman in English Sycamore

This carving started out with the intention of becoming a Woodwose in the fine tradition of Woodwose Carving. However he emerged as a fine looking gentleman.

from the last of the Sycamore I had donated to me last year, which has seen a number of carvings including ~Brad~ and his brother.

The leaves and flowers arrived and he started to take on the appearance of one of the old eighteenth century botanical gentlemen who travelled the world in search of new life.

I had some items that lent themselves to this theme.

A Weird Fish zip pull that came off
A lizard skeleton pendant
a brass leaf motif from my gardening gloves

The piece is finished in Danish oil and liquid wax which has given him a slightly antique look.

Carved using my new Flex Cut 11 piece quick change travel carving set I bought with the proceeds of the sale of a few carvings from Folksy.

He stands 9 1/2 inches high and 3 1/2 inches in diameter (approximate size)

I have taken a lot of care with the detail on this one which has meant its taken me about 25 hours to finish.

The wood started splitting down the Right hand side in the baking sun on the 21st May. I don't think he will loose any more moisture now!!

The nature of wood means that it is in reality still moving continuously; this piece was seasoning for over a year before I started on it and yet it still dried out in the sun and split. I personally love the splits (shakes) in the wood and feel they offer a lovely aspect to the carving/s reminding us that they are not plastic, offering a distressed look.

Your comments as always are welcome

Regards Dave


ArtPropelled said...

This ones a beaut! I lke all the added embellishments. A few years ago I would have a fit if the wood cracked but now I beg it to crack. Tell me more about the new Flex cut 11.
Most important of all ......
My daughters birthday was the 24th so its a very important day for us. Lots of memories both happy and sad.

Dave Jones said...

Here is an Amazon link

Great for detail and light work such as my carving, a bit light for large pieces. However I like them alot.

I agree with the comment about the splits, as an ex-furniture maker I would do all sorts to work around or prevent splits.

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes. hold onto the memories both happy and sad as they are very important.

regards Dave

ArtPropelled said...

Thanks for the link, Dave.