Sunday, November 01, 2009

Winter Woodwose

  • Its been a few weeks in the carving etc due to a bout of Swine Flu in the house :-(

This particular character struggled to be revealed at times, as the gashes to my left hand will testify.

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"On winter trees the fruit of rain


Is hanging trembling in the branches
Like a thousand diamond buds"






The wire will rust over time adding a richness of colour and age to the carving


During the spring and summer he hides in the foliage of the tree, stationary and sleeping. In the autumn as the leaves fall he awakens ready for his season to arrive. In the winter months he hangs in the branches unencumbered by leaves and visible to all, the wind spins him arround, giving him freeedom of movement and life. he is truely a Winter Woodwose.



The arms of the Woodwose catch the wind and he spins; enabling you to see the piece through 360 degrees without having to handle him. The best time to view him is during winter months when he if fully revealed.


Your comments as always are warmly recieved

Regards ~ Dave


Jo Archer said...

This is just fabulous! I love the runes and he has such a wise, old face.

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Wonderful! From your first picture i thought it was HUGE! I'm amaized to find that it is so small. Must have been a challenge carving that detail in something that small.

MackTheKnife said...

Really nice, Dave. The idea of hanging him in a tree where he is mostly hidden during the summer and fully exposed during the winter is outstanding. Did you burn the designs and the runes?


ArtPropelled said...

So many interesting features in this one Dave. I'm sure the birds will appreciate it too. Hope the swine flu's gone.

Dave Jones said...

Thanks Jo: runes are a bit of a thing for me.

Ethan its about 8" tall so not so small, I like the size, but yes it can be challenging; this one gave me two new cuts for my trouble.

Bob: yes I did burn the design and runes.

Robyn: My sons on the mend now thanks. I wanted to do something with alot to look at.