Sunday, April 26, 2009

Two woodwose on a walking stick.

This is the latest piece which I have been working on for a couple of weeks on and off. I haven't finished it as I have purposely left it long. Walking sticks should be cut to fit the user.

Additionally I have some ideas that I want to burn into the stick, unfortunately the pyrography tool I have (borrowed solid point) cant cope with what I want to do.
I am hoping to get a hot wire pyrography kit next month which will resolve the problem

Any how enough words, more pictures. this piece has a video; enjoy.

I have added some stills which enable you to see the detail.

The rune meanings.
Othila ~ Carved to represent the passing of property or inheritance allows the passing of the protection of the woodwose stick to another.

Algiz ~ denotes protection. carved into the stick to offer protection to the user.

Available for sale

Regards Dave.


Robyn said...

One face is calm and the other looks rather agro....They're great!I also love the symbols cut into the bark.

John said...

Is there no end to the different facial expressions of your woodwose? What diameter do you look for in your wood?

Dave Jones said...

Thanks Robyn.

John. The faces just appear from the wood, they are not planned, they say the carver is just the medium for revealing the spirit in the wood! I get what I can. this one is about 1" at its thickest. I Have sticks up to 1 1/2". Thanks for the comments