Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Sleeping Woodwose

Woodwose are rarely seen or found asleep so this one is quite rare. He has a calm appearance and would be at home in a quiet bedroom or sleepy sitting room by the fire. Just remember to keep quiet around him.

Sycamore with a dark Jacobean Wax finish gives him the impression of being an antique. This style of finish really does look like old ivory.

The shape of the wood offers a nice composition and looks very organic.

I use a standard household bulb (low energy) for the photos which provides a nice warm look, with a high yellow content.

This carving is from found/donated/recycled wood and was not cut to create the carving. It comes from Shurdington in Gloucestershire and was donated by my father-in-law.


Available for purchase

Regards Dave


The Great Ethan Allen said...

well done! I love the finish. I'm quite fond of finishing wax myself for the luster it gives.

John said...

Great finish the sleeping face

Robyn said...

This is beautiful. You must be so pleased with it, Dave. I've just been given 6 logs of "carving wood".....whatever that is. If you lived closer you could take half.

Dave Jones said...

Thanks Robyn, if I did live closer I would be banrupt buying your totems. I havent heard of 'carving wood'. I am sure you will pout it to good use.

Ethan and John thanks for the feedback its appreciated.

regards Dave