Sunday, February 01, 2009

Tagged... Gulp!

Not actually my photo......! this was the 10th photo in the 10th folder and in reality is a picture my son (Alex 5 Years old) took when visiting the office one day. He is fascinated in taking photos and just snaps away with my digital camera. he actually takes some great photos of things I wouldn't dream of taking. He takes pictures form the mind of a 5 year old and the height aspect of a 5 year old. This is how a diddy little fella sees my world at work, how cool is that.

I have also added the complete folder as a collage i created from the photos my son took. I just love the collage and have it as a very busy looking desktop on my laptop.

I just noticed that there is a small Woodwose Carving just in front of the cactus on my desk. If I remember I will get a photo of it tomorrow and post it up too.
Here he is (added 2nd Feb 2009)

Here is the collage.

Here are the rules: (I chose 10th of 10th but will send to six people. 6th of 6th for me had a picture of my kids with other kids and I don't like posting pics of other peoples kids without permissions etc.....!)

1.pick the 6th picture from your 6th photo folder.

2.tell the story around it.

3.pass it onto 6 other people.

I will be tagging

1: worth a look as this blog has a range of cool stuff (and its my wife so I like to share the fun of tagging about)

2: Dan is going to paint 365 paintings over a year, yes one a day. take a look he was even on the news. I have some of his work and he has some of mine, worth a visit.

3: If you own a dog and want good products with great customer service and interesting articles visit these guys.

4: This guy is a wonderful carver, check out his work.

5: a fellow woodworker with some truly great work, inspiring to look at.

6: I love to read this and look at the beautiful photos of the Welsh countryside. Check it out and enjoy the ramblings.

Wow my first tagging is over. it makes you think about the picture you post and those you tag and why. Quite enjoyed it. Thanks to Bluecamels for tagging me. Sorry if this is a departure from the usual posts about Woodwose, I suppose though you may have learnt a little more about me from this.

Regards Dave.

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Blu said...

Its good to get a different eye view it gives you more options. My problem is when I get down on my knees it is getting harder to get back up again. The collage is a nice idea and must give you pleasure when you are working.

Dave Jones said...

Most definately, I love looking at the stuff my sons do, it keeps my feet on the ground. I agree with the getting up again, i am there too. Regards Dave.