Saturday, September 22, 2012

Carving Deamons

I have started carving Deamons for a specific reason. I have been asked to as part of a commission. since doing so i have received a lot of notice via my Woodwose Facebook page.

This post will be to look at the Carving Doodle now its finished and also to look at the latest full size carving done.

The three photos show the birch branch in 360 degrees. The idea of a doodle is to carve all around the wood as its the place to practice technique and style.

You Tube video of the doodle

Gives a better view of the carving than still pictures.

This next carving is a larger continuation of the theme. He is 28cm tall by 8cm in diameter; the carving being 17cm tall by 8cm wide.

surprisingly the beard and moustache takes allot longer in this style than the traditional woodwose.

Wall hanging or floor standing this carving is carved from Willow and finished with Tung oil.

As always your comments and suggestions are welcome.


~ Dave ~


Valerianna said...

Great, as always. I just joined FB a few months ago (I know, I have some luddite tendencies) I'm heading over to look you up!

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