Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Fifth Man Thomas ap Heiln

Here is the fifth and final in the series of Celtic Warriors.

He, Thomas, is made from fruit wood, apple is my guess.

I wanted to depict him as slightly more mystical as the others and with an air of slight madness. Interestingly its only in modern times that we shun and isolate members of the community who have mental health problems or who are slightly different. In pagan times they could be seen as touched by the gods and therefore bearers of good luck or talismans of the gods.

The carving itself is not stained like the other four and has been finished just in Tung Oil which has bought out the colour of the wood superbly.

The braided moustache has come out well on this carving and sits well on his face. I decided to give him a hood and played about with the roll of the material to make it more lifelike. Not many cloaks sit dead straight.

This photo (above) gives a sense of scale to the carving to give you an idea on the size

Thomas ap Heiln is his name

Thomas son of Heiln

In line wi the set of five they all have names that represent the time period in time that I wanted to set them in. The Futhark runes would have been seen in the country at the time bought over by Saxon and other raiders.

And the final shot shows you Thomas with his warrior friends.

This set I've decided will be sold only as a set once the website is up together.

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Valerianna said...

An amazing set, really. Love the last one - I wonder, is the slight cleave and non-symmetrical eyes the result of a battle wound or his being "touched by the gods"?

BloggerPlus App said...

More Touched ;) slightly mad in his look :) thanks for the comment