Friday, March 09, 2012

The Carvers Friend Part 3

The final post of three. This post wraps up a close looks at the tools I use in my carvings.

The first is a Whitby four blade pocket knife which I take with me most days. It's a great whittler and with the range of blades it makes a useful general carving blade. The handle is horn.

The next picture shows the blades all of which hold a good edge and can be stropped to a razor finish.

The different styles of blade offer a certain versatility. I like the flat Lambs foot style of blade for bark stripping and flattening.

I have owned a Multi tool for years and owned a range from Gerbers to Leatherman.

I have to confess I'm a Leatherman man. The picture shows my favourite which is my Leatherman Wave, a tool I've owned for years. Again not used to carve but the saw and serrated blade I use to harvest my wood to carve while put walking, so a key player in the process.

This tool roll holds a very special tool that I constantly use on my carvings. It's another Flexicut product.

It's a palm chisel with interchangeable blades. 10 blades come with this kit though you can buy a 6 blade option too. The range of blades offer a whole toolkit of chisels in one tool roll. The quality of the blades are excellent and they hold a good edge. I'm a big fan of the Flexicut products and would recommend them to anyone.

These pictures show some of the blades and the handle mechanism. The set comes with a slipstrop to aid sharpening. There is some debate out there if the slipstrop works, I think it's fine and I'm able to get a good edge on these blades with it.

This picture shows the overall size of the chisel in hand. The blades are robust and take well to heavy work as well as light detail work. The tool is light and easily manipulated to create detail in both the larger carvings and the small Sphearoblasts.

The tool roll is itself small a and easily transportable. This picture gives a sense of scale. I've added a link to show the options re this tool and prices etc. I've linked to one particular store but a web search may offer savings on these prices. Click here to see the store website for the 11 piece set, here for the 5 piece set or here to go direct to USA Flexicut site.

Thats about it. These are the tools that I use and all of them are used at some time in my carvings. If you have any questions about any of the tools I use, where I get them from or anything else please just contact me.

Comments as always are welcome.


~ Dave ~

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ArtPropelled said...

Dave, this series has been very informative. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience. I now have my eye on My husbands Leatherman.