Sunday, February 05, 2012

Eucalyptus Woodwose

This guy is carved from an off cut from a eucalyptus tree in my garden.

It stands out from the wall and offers a great Multi dimensional piece where the carving is just one element, the focus of the piece.

The wood is very hard when dry and tends to split if carved green.
The wood itself drys to a beautiful colour when carved.

Wall hanging and finished on the face with oil. The wood retains it smell and makes a great ornamental piece.

The carving is 5 1/2" long from tip of hair to tip of beard
1 1/2" wide not including the hair that strays onto the arm
The wood itself is 8" long, 1 5/8 diameter and overall including the offshoot 6 1/2" wide

A unique and wonderfully colourful Woodwose and a unique piece of wood combine to make this a great wall hanging ornament that will be available for purchase.

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~ Dave ~


Next weeks post I will be posting on the tools that I use. I have a 3 part post that details all of my knives and other tools that I use to create my carvings. The following picture is an appatiser for you.


Raggle Taggle Gypsy Girl said...

Very cool, love the expressiveness.....

Dave Jones said...

Thanks he's quite simple but I like him a lot. Dave