Saturday, November 26, 2011

Woodwose Brothers

Carved from a piece of Californian Lilac pruned from a large tree in the back garden of my parents house.

The piece was big enough to carve two Woodwose.

As the photo above shows this wood is very temperamental and splits as it dries. The lower carving has splits running through the face which will widen. I love the look of a carving that has split as it instantly ages it and shows that the wood itself is alive, moving, changing.

Using photo enhancing apps I've tinkered with the pictures slightly to show them in a more dramatic light.

As shown in the last photo this carving is a wall hanging piece, but will free stand if needed.

Finished in Danish oil and stands 13" high, 4" wide (not including the branch stems) the carvings are 5" high and 3 1/2" wide.

The technical detail on these guys stands out with the top carving being carved mainly into the sapwood whereas the bottom carving shows the red coloration of the heartwood.

Your comments are welcome as always.


~ Dave ~


Valerianna said...

Great one... or two, as the case may be!!

Waldgeistman said...

Fantastic carving. I hope one day to ne able to come close to such detailed work.

Dave Jones said...

Thanks as always Valerianna.

Waldgeistman: how long have you been carving? What do you carve?

Regards Dave

Waldgeistman said...

Dave, I have been learning to carve for about 12 months. I decided that I would like to put some designs on my walking sticks. I chose to try and learn to carve the Wood spirit face. I find the eyes challenging any help would be appreciated. There are some examples of my attempts to carve on my blog.

Waldgeistman said...

Dave tried to drop you a line but the email failed.

Dave Jones said...

Email or leave your email address here and I will contact you.